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A magnum opus work by Business Pointers: Procurement System

Procurement System

Procurement planning is about deciding what items are to be procured under which conditions.  Sometimes there is an option of procuring items required for a project by making the items internally within the organization.  Additionally, deadlines of the projects are affected by the project schedule and are needed by certain times to ensure timely completion of the project. Items must be listed, and the conditions must be set along with the important technical information.

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HRMS Application Simplified

HRMS Simplified

The “human capital” is the most invaluable asset of the organization. Human resources are the tools for building the competitive advantage and for increasing the performance and productivity of the organization. Objectives of an organization can be achieved through these valuable assets and human resource (HR) plays an important role when it comes to the coordination and handling of these assets.

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Project Management App

5 Reasons to Consider When Deciding on a Project Management App

For fast-moving businesses, it becomes very difficult to keep on top of projects and at the same time keep the clients happy. Proper planning and organizing of projects is essential in order to stay on deadline. Managing the budget and costs related to projects is crucial to meet client expectations.

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Customer Relationship Management Software

5 Reasons to Consider When Deciding on a Customer Relationship Management App

Exceptional customer service is about being aware of customer requirements and reacting to them effectively. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps companies to understand, anticipate, predict, and respond to their customers' needs in a consistent and organized way.

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Performance Management System

Balanced Scorecard for Performance Management

Employees are an organization’s most coveted assets and measurement of their performance is often a challenge. Organizations must realize the strategic importance of assets that create distinctive organizational capabilities which in turn are the basis for a competitive advantage.

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Business Pointers' CRM

Business Pointers' CRM Made Work Easier!

Sales management is the planning and implementation of business strategy to achieve the revenue target and thereby achieve the profits which are instrumental in growth, expansion and survival of any organization. This is critical to the sales process.

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