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Hi Tech Industrial - Industrial ServicesEvery industry has its own unique requirements and complexities. Value Consulting , with its team of industry and domain experts, is committed to working in partnership with your businesses to address the unique challenges making your business a competitive global players in the 21st century.

Hi - Tech

Hi-Tech industry is a fast paced environment and needs an environment which can address high product mix, fast obsolescence due to rapidly changing technology. Just a small example can be interpreted from evolution of televisions - Plasma, LCD & LED TV's. Similarly, computers are fast obsolescence product which forces fast response to the market from Supply side to Demand side. Hi-Tech suppliers are globally located and the products is designed in one geography while manufactured in another.

High Tech | Industries | SAPSome of the Key Challenges to be addressed in Hi-tech industry are as follows:

  • Many variants due to increased product mix.
  • Global Logistics planning, visibility and issues due to accurate prediction of the demand.
  • Supply Network design challenges.
  • Supplier Collaboration is key to success and Responsiveness to Dynamic Hi-Tech Industry.

Our Hi-tech industry experts help our customers from same vertical with best practices to address these challenges.

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