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Engineering Construction and Operations | Industry Solutions | SAPEvery industry has its own unique requirements and complexities. Value Consulting , with its team of industry and domain experts, is committed to working in partnership with your businesses to address the unique challenges making your business a competitive global players in the 21st century.

Engineering & Construction

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Industry SolutionsAfter the Real Estate crash in US, Dubai Market jitters; Construction industry is facing new challenges in approaches to design and build. Similar scenario exists for Engineering Industry with lots of turnkey projects globalizing in approach.

Engineering and Construction Projects need a tight Project Management to avoid Budget and Timeline Over flows and effective management of Assets and Project Systems.

US Total Construction as per US Government Census is trending down wards. The Following figures are in Millions of US Dollars

Apr 2011 Mar 2011 Feb 2011 Jan 2011 Dec 2010 Apr 2010
764,981 762,072 761,020 776,877 784,800 843,148

These are opposite in Emerging Markets like India, China, Brasil and Russia and hence the shift brings significant focus how Engineering and Construction Industry should design its processes to gain the leading advantage in their environment.

Our Engineering & Construction experts will work with your to design business processes and provide technology edge.

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