Business ProcessTo procure the right technology for every growing business, here is a hassle free solution. Begins with consulting, passed through implementation and goes on with lifetime Services. Value Consulting brings the right knowledge, reliable partnerships and broader vision to realize software solutions.

Business Process

Order Management process – Order to Cash process implementation or Drop ship scenario- we help map complex order management process and identify gaps and root cause of shorting of Orders, increased back orders or bottlenecks in distribution of finished product to customer and finally turnaround realization of revenue.

Demand Planning Process – Demand Management forms a critical driver for effective Supply Chain Planning process. Demand fluctuations and gaps in demand planning process results in significant overage of inventory. Forecast Accuracy and with version based forecasting to improve Advance Planning and Scheduling. We help our clients improve effectiveness of their Statistical forecasting, forecasting accuracy measurement, promotion planning process based on our extensive experience help clients in Demand Planning process.

Safety Stock Planning ProcessSupply Planning Process – From Demand Fluctuations to lead times to Capacity constraints in today’s Global Supply Chains; it poses significant challenge for planners to minimize Demand Supply shorting. We help our clients with Constrain based supply planning process with numerous parameters involved in Supply Planning Process

Safety Stock Planning Process – Even the best managed Supply Chains with a sophisticated Demand and Supply Planning processes cannot guarantee a perfect match of demand & supply. All the supply chains need to plan their safety stock effectively based on Demand Uncertainty and Replenishment Uncertainty.

Supply Execution Process – From Planning to Execution, effectiveness of the supply chains and their ability to adhere & monitor the execution benchmarked against supply chain plan is another key gap experienced by many supply chains. We help our clients to get their execution align close to the supply chain plan developed during planning process.

Business Process Consulting wing of Value Consulting will closely study your business process from the Best Practices perspective and guide the top management for strategic vision and operational personnel for lower level changes to achieve efficiencies. Some of the areas we helped our clients:

Analyze KPI's vs Industry

Manufacturing intiatives

Lean Manufacturing intiatives - Types of wastes and ways to drive an intitiative towards lean thinking.

Total Quality Management

Activity Based Costing in Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship Management and analytics

Supply Chain Management and analytics to measure supply chain performance

Supplier Relationship Management and analytics

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for operational and strategical efficiencies

HR strategies

Order Management Automation.

RFID intiatives.

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