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Today’s business climate requires companies to develop an ongoing process of process management that helps them manage a BPM capability that provides operational transparency, agility, compliance, quality and efficiency. Such a capability should also improve external networks with market partners, and internal integration with employees.

Like any business process, the process of process management has a number of subprocesses that must be mastered and integrated with each other. A reference model is a useful tool for any company beginning to define such a process. The process reference model for BPM includes five major process areas:

BPM-Business Process Management

BPM Operations

BPM Methods and Tools

BPM Delivery

BPM Transformation

BPM Support

Once the BPM road map has been defined, the reference model is used to define and then execute the process of process management. A five-step approach is suggested:

Eliminate the components of the process of process management that are not required.

Add missing components to the process of process management.

Detail the areas of immediate relevance.

Identify necessary roles and responsibilities.

Define the organizational structure.

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